1917 AD.

Freedom fighter Dadabhai Nauroji was died in 1917 AD.

Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was born in 1917 AD.

Mahatama Gandhi tried for Champaram Satyagraha in April 18, 1917 AD.

Mrs. Annie Besant interned by Madras Government in June 15, 1917 AD.

Sadler Commission was introduced in 1917 AD.

Synthetic antigens was discovered in 1917 AD.

The 33rd session of Indian National Congress was held in 1917 AD.

The Champaran Movement took place in 1917 AD.

The Champaran Satyagrah start in 1917 AD.

The great freedom fighter of India Dadabhai Nauroji was death in 1917 AD.

The Kukis Movement (1917 AD) took place in Manipur.

The Kukis Movement started in 1917 AD.

The Sadler Commission British declaration on Indian self-government in 1917 AD.

The Sadler Commission was established in 1917 AD.

The Women’s Indian Association was founded by Lady Sadashiv Iyer in 1917 AD.

Where did the Kukis Movement (1917 AD)?